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The Republicans Re-Launch at Pie-Tanza

Noticing that the percentage of Americans calling themselves Republicans has dropped to the legal drinking age, my former Richmond colleague (and fellow William and Mary law school grad) Eric Cantor has formed the “National Council for a New America,” a “dynamic, forward-looking organization that will amplify the common-sense and wisdom of our fellow citizens through a grassroots dialogue with Republican leaders.”

So the Republican revival effort began Saturday in Arlington (where President Obama got 72% of the vote last year), with an appearance by Eric, Jeb Bush, and Mitt Romney. In the middle of my district. At a great pizza place in the shopping center where I have my district office. And he didn’t invite me.

The Red Tide

Using county-by-county job gain/loss statistics, Slate presents a map showing how the recession has spread to virtually every area of the country over the past two years (blue dots are net job gains, red are net losses). Note the corners of Virginia that have stayed in positive territory (blue) throughout.