Here we go again

We’re at it again. Although most of the Session That Would Not End was not much fun, Bob and I had a great time with the blogging part.

So we’re at it again. This blog will allow us to talk about issues a little more wide-ranging than just the budget impasse (although with the Transportation Session coming up in the fall, I imagine we’ll have something to say about that).

The picture above? It’s our offices on the 7th floor, west end, of the General Assembly Building. (The “GAB” as it’s known in Richmond-speak). Neither of us is senior enough to be on the Capitol Square side of the building, but we enjoy our view of the Library of Virginia and Richmond City Hall.

For those of you who read us on Extra Innings, welcome back. To those of you who never made it to that blog, welcome … period.

13 thoughts on “Here we go again”

  1. Let me be the first to welcome you once again to the Virginia Blogsphere. I look forward to reading your posts.

    And Del. Amundson – what is your position on rail? :D

  2. You are too funny. I love rail, of course. Just don\’t think rail will help us clean up the Chesapeake, raise student scores on the SOLs, or solve the problem of teen pregnancy (unless, perhaps, if one eliminated back seats … Nah.)

  3. I figured you guys would work up a permanent blog. Extra Innings was a fantastic contribution to the VA blogsphere. I remember when I lived in the 57th and Mitch Van Yahres would send updates on the crazy things House Republicans were up to. Dick Black was frigging certifiable. Anyway, Extra Innings was for me the heir of my Mitch dispatches. Thanks for all you do, and keep up the good work.

  4. Being compared to Mitch is a real compliment. He was a great delegate. We miss him (although we are very happy with his replacement Dave Toscano).

  5. Excellent! I’m so glad you’re sticking around – your fine dispatches from the inner sanctum are very much appreciated.

    And, at the risk of sounding shallow, this is possibly the prettiest blog in all of Virginia. Nice job.

  6. Looks like you are going to turn the phrase “what happens in 7 West, stays in 7 West” on its ear. No blogging from subcommittees! Pay attention in there!

  7. i wish they would. the meetings are open and home to some of our best policy discussions.

  8. I really don’t even mind so much having things disposed of in subcommittee if there are some safeguards (the right to ask for a full committee hearing) AND public votes. Face it–there are some dreadful bills. But people do have a right to know, and there should be some minimum number of votes that could bring the issue before a full committee.

  9. Kris, you know that the House or any committee can discharge a bill with a majority vote. Roll call votes can be had in full committee with 20% of those present requesting it(just like the floor). I think your party made up those rules, we just applied them. While many in your party made politically charged speeches about the rules, privately they agreed that the system work much more efficiently. Of course, I was not there in the days of 22 committees and Cross Over lasting until midnight so I really cannot judge the difference. HOWEVER, several people have asked me why I voted a certain way in subcommittee, so some people can and do pay attention.

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