In case you missed it . . .

. . . we’re still in session.  2006’s Special Session I met today for the 22nd time.  It was, from all accounts, a pretty cut-and-dried affair, lasting two minutes.  The Clerk offered the prayer. Morgan Griffith led the Pledge.  Good news:  the Speaker was in the chair, so his knee injury apparently has healed.

The House adjourned to reconvene in Session #23 on August 8. 

 August 8.jpgMark your calendars.

4 thoughts on “In case you missed it . . .”

  1. Vivian —

    Apparently so (I understand from news clips — I’m out of town and missed the festivities in Richmond). House Finance kicked the transportation can down the road one more time — they took the Senate transportation bills that had been languishing in their committee and would have expired August 1 — “tabled” until then — and tabled them indefinitely. Kind of put them in extended suspended animation.

  2. Ah – I realize that you didn’t see my link (didn’t see it myself – it’s not in a different color or underlined). Click on Finance Committee in my post above to read one of the reports.

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